About HomeAndGardenPhotos.com

HomeAndGardenPhotos.com represents the garden stock photography, architectural and interior stock photography, and aerial stock photos of Seattle garden design, aerial, and architectural photographer, Andrew Buchanan.   Working on assignment as Subtle Light Photography, Andrew produces marketing, advertising, editorial features, and stock images of gardens, interiors, and aerials from his base in Seattle, "Photographing the Spaces Where We Live, Work, & Play."®

Since 1997, Andrew has photographed commercial and residential architectural photography, landscape design and garden photography, gardening and building products, photography of outdoor lifestyles, and helicopter aerial photography for the architectural, building & developing, and land design professions. In addition, his past experience shooting general corporate photography, including annual reports, executive portraits, and corporate collateral, brings an experienced and specialized photographer's perspective to architects, builders, developers, and land designers throughout the US and Canada. Finally, Andrew's stock photography collection also includes unique destination and travel photos, aerial photos, and concept images.

Whether assignment or stock, Andrew specializes in compelling, graphic photos of The Sapces Where We Live, Work, and Play for advertisers, magazines, and client-direct. Don't see what you need in our stock collection? Please contact us for more options not yet in the archive, or to discuss creating something original and specific. Thanks for visiting HomeAndGardenPhotos.com, and please bookmark us to check back often.  And, if you're looking for Seattle architectural photographer Andrew Buchanan's assignment business, please visit Subtle Light Photography on the web.  Thanks!