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An AIA Award-winning home in Seattle.  The landscape architect describes it thusly, "An opening in a bamboo clad concrete wall provides a glimpse into a moss covered auto court. A garden gate opens to reveal a spring box in a walled gravel courtyard. The sound of water directs one to a pond and floating deck adjacent to a sitting room with firebox and dinning table - half covered and half open to the sky. An interior soaking tub abuts an outdoor water box fed by a waterfall.  . . .  A continuous stream engages the house along its northern edge, narrowing and then pooling in the way that people, moving through the house, flow or pause and then gather.. . . The entire journey involves a series of framed views, borrowed scenery, the flow of water and a blending of architecture and landscape so seamless it is often difficult to tell if one is inside or outside."